Are Magnetic Tablet Mounts Any Good?

Are Magnetic Tablet Mounts Any Good?

Magnetic tablet mounts are used to mount your smartphone, tablet, and other devices to several surfaces conveniently, quickly, and securely. Simply hover your gadget near the magnetic surface after applying for a Magic Plate, and it will lock securely in place.

The magnets in magnetic tablet mounts will not harm your smartphone, tablet, GPS unit, or other electronic devices. Due to the general open design of the Magic Mount, devices may be mounted in a 360° fashion, allowing for a variety of landscape and portrait viewing angles while maintaining full access to your device's touchscreen controls and/or ports. Hands-free calling, GPS navigation, media streaming, and internet browsing are all made easier with Table Mount.

Magnetic phone holders are generally composed of neodymium magnets and are convenient to use. People have been wondering if this gadget is damaging their phones since they became popular. We're here to inform you that, contrary to popular belief, using a magnetic phone mount is perfectly safe. Here are the most prevalent concerns about using magnets near phones, and why you shouldn't be concerned!

Magnetic Tablet Mounts Misconception

Do you recall swiping magnets over your electronics or pressing on them with your fingertips to create kaleidoscopic colors? Magnetic interference caused the screens of older televisions, phones, and desktop computers to be disrupted. However, with today's IPS LCD, AMOLED, and OLED panels on our smartphones, our devices no longer rely on a magnetic field to function. This implies that magnets no longer have the same impact on electronics as they formerly did.

Magnets won't harm your phone's screen, memory, or battery, but they can harm the compass. A strong magnet can degrade your compass reading and potentially magnetize portions of the steel inside your phone. This magnetism could then cause future compass readings to be thrown off.

GPS apps, like Google Maps, rely on a compass for verification. If you're not using a compass app, other applications, particularly game apps, rely on compass readings. These apps may become nearly impossible to use if your compass is corrupted (due to magnet damage).

How Does A Magnetic Phone Holder Work?

The magnetic head is responsible for holding your phone in place in the holder, while the adjuster helps you position your phone to your comfort.

Additionally, while one end of the adjuster is connected to the magnetic head, the other end is connected to the surface, which maintains the holder in place. It could be mounted to the dashboard, windshield, CD slot, or air vent, depending on the model. The magnetic phone holder comes with a small, thin metal plate that aids in mounting the phone on the magnet.

An adhesive that can hold this metal plate in place must be placed on the back of the mobile device or the cover. One rectangle metal plate and one circular metal plate, as well as a 3M sticker, are included with the Pivot Strong Magnetic Car Air Vent Mount's in-box accessory. As a result, anytime you install your phone on the magnetic holder, this metal adheres to the magnet, allowing you to quickly remove the phone.

As a consequence, the magnetic phone holders work on the basic principle of a magnetic field between the metal and the magnet.

Leading Magnetic Tablet Mounts- UGREEN

With a built-in super magnetic head, the UGREEN magnetic tablet mount holder comes with a 360-degree fully adjustable positioning design and is an excellent choice for viewing your photos, messages, emails, and videos at a more convenient angle while at work or home.  It has a silicone pad at the bottom of the mount which protects it from slipping and scratching. It comes with a one-year no-hassle replacement warranty and lifetime customer service support.


We've never been disappointed with the magnet advances. Magnetic fields have been valuable to humanity from the dawn of time, from a simple compass to huge MRI scanners.  In the midst of all of these advancements, Magnetic Tablet Mounts are widely utilized in everyday life and are created with user comfort.  The introduction of magnetic holders on the market changed the game dramatically.