Exclusive Interview with Ciara Levine About The Power of NAD IV Therapy

Exclusive Interview with Ciara Levine About The Power of NAD IV Therapy

We are pleased to have an exclusive interview with Ciara Levine, Intake Coordinator and Mental Health Expert with BrainSpark Health. Ciara is also a Psychiatric Nurse, MSN, RN, PMHCNS that has witnessed firsthand, the remarkable results from patients that have been treated with NAD IV Therapy at our Plymouth Meeting, PA facility.  Her vast 20+ years of expertise in the mental health field is crucial.

Question #1: What is your background, and what interested you in what BrainSpark Health is doing?

“I have been working in the mental health field for over 20 years, as a psychiatric nurse. In that field, addiction is always prevalent. I’ve been with a lot of this population, and I know that people want to get better – they don’t want to live like this anymore. Treating addictions have always been a bit of a white-knuckle approach, with a lot of failures, and when the cravings are too much for people, they relapse. When I started reading about NAD IV treatment, I was curious as to how does it work, and why. My ‘ah-ha moment is, that NAD IV treatment makes sense. The brain is damaged by the years of abuse, the brain is altered — that’s a well-proven fact. What BrainSpark Health does with the NAD IV therapy repairs the brain on a cellular level, making people less anxious, helping them sleep better, and lessens the cravings are lessened.”

Question #2: How does NAD IV therapy fill a growing need?

“Well, as I’ve said, it just makes sense. I’ve worked in traditional medicine all my life, and I am now starting to see that there are alternatives beyond our traditional, established practices. Most important to me is, how do we heal the body, is there a holistic approach to treating addiction? The NAD IV therapy that BrainSpark Health offers not only repairs the brain, but gives the individual a peaceful, quiet environment to get better, and the therapeutic support to help them through detox.”

Question #3: Do you think NAD IV therapy jump-starts recovery?

“Yes, I think that this is a huge component that’s been missing in addiction treatment for years. What makes BrainSpark Health standout, is that NAD IV therapy is the missing link, especially on the East Coast. NAD IV

Human brain medical symbol represented by a close up of neurons and organ cell activity showing intelligence related to memory.

therapy has been used since the 1960s, primarily in California, and in South Africa. Why hasn’t it caught on, on the East Coast? That’s what BrainSpark Health is going to do, let people know that this therapy exists, and can help.

Question #4: Who is the ideal candidate for NAD IV therapy?

“I definitely see NAD IV therapy helping people who failed in their previous attempts to get off drugs. These people suffer because of the cravings. NAD IV therapy helps the healing process, giving them the chance to stop the cravings, get well, get on the road to recovery. What’s left after the cravings, is the rest of their life. This is what’s so impressive to me. What I have seen is that when patients get through the physical withdrawal from drugs, what they tell us after that is, that they can’t think straight, they still feel they have a void to fill, and they don’t know “how do I go on with my life?” Starting with NAD IV therapy allows that healing. They get a good night’s sleep, they don’t have cravings in the morning, and for the first time in a long time they are able to think clearly.”

Recent Testimonial from a former patient:

“I recently underwent treatment at Brainspark Health. I didn’t know exactly what to expect, since their treatment was clearly going to be very different than any other treatment I had experienced, both because of the IV therapy itself, as well as their holistic approach.

Prior to coming in, I was on a large number of prescription medications. With the recommendation of the medical staff at Brainspark, I went off all of them my first day there. Much to my astonishment, I experienced little in the way of withdrawal-far less than I would have if I had not gone there. I had a headache the first night, and nausea three days into treatment, as well as some other symptoms, but for the most part, these were manageable.

The biggest improvement, though, is to my mood and energy. I never felt this good when I was on such high doses of antidepressants and other meds, which is in itself pretty shocking.

In addition, I can’t say good enough things about the staff. Everyone was so friendly and supportive. Most days, I was provided with reiki, which helped me sleep, as well as massage, acupuncture, and counseling. The treatment was very relaxed; all rooms were private, and I could watch ele, read, and/or go online during the time I was receiving treatment. Additionally, I was provided with lunch every day that I was up to eating, either from WholeFoods across the street, or one of the many restaurants on Grubhub.

In sum, I highly encourage anyone who thinks NAD/amino acid therapy would be helpful, to give Brainspark a call. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.”

— L. Long

About BrainSpark Health

BrainSpark Health is an affordable and Holistic Outpatient Addiction Recovery and Wellness Center headquartered in Plymouth Meeting, PA. Our mission is to treat the source of the dependency and craving, “the brain” first, by jump-starting it with a chemical spark, combining holistic, alternative medicine and social reprogramming instead of the conventional treatment currently available and proven to have over 85% failure rate. Click here to learn more about our Addiction Recovery Treatment

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