Factors To Consider When Shopping For Colored Contacts

Factors To Consider When Shopping For Colored Contacts

Colored contacts are also known as decorative contact lenses. They have evolved from plain colors to have different patterns. They come in many colors, shades, and patterns. Doctors mainly prescribed these lenses to patients with problematic eyes. However, people wear decorative ones for occasions like Halloween, for example, sasuke eyes. They are designed to see through them and give your eyes a completely different look. From getting the contacts from doctors or licensed stores, you can now buy them online. This post explains what to consider before getting colored contacts.

Considerations for decorative contacts

You don't just buy lenses because they are up for sale. Consider these factors to buy right. They include;

1. Type of colored contacts

Contacts vary in size depending on the coverage you want. There are five main types: one is opaque, which masks your eye color entirely. The other is the circle lens with a dark ring and a dramatic effect. The color enhancement tint lenses make your natural eye color dark or light, while the custom tinted lenses serve both practical and cosmetic purposes. The last type is theatrical or pure cosmetic lenses. You can buy them for an event or holiday and add special effects to your eyes. Understanding the types helps you narrow down to one or two options that you can buy.

2. The tone of your skin

Your skin tone determines how you'll look in your contact lenses. It can either be warm, cool, or neutral. A straightforward way to know your skin tone is figuring out what you lean more towards gold or silver accessories. If you like the gold, your tone is warm and silver cool. Those who look good in both have a neutral skin tone. Also, the neutral tone works well with any decorative contacts. Such people have many color options to pick from till they get the best. People with warm tones look good in contacts with brown, hazel, or honey highlights. They offer a great contrast between them and your skin. Bright colors work well for people with cool skin tones, for example, aqua, turquoise, purple, blue, and grey.

3. The appearance of the colored contacts against light

How the lenses look against light matters a lot. This is because some are for nighttime, daytime, or both. Position the contacts in both low and bright lighting before buying. This is easier in a physical store compared to online. Alternatively, consider where you'll wear the contacts. Choose bold colors or patterns if you are going for an occasion like Halloween. However, tone it down if they are for day-to-day wear.

4. Your hair color

Choose colored contacts that match well with your hair color. Colors like black and blonde go well with any decorative contacts. Others like red are more specific and work well with green. Selects different shades of brown if you have brown hair. Whatever color your hair is, ensure it suits the contact lenses.

Final words

Decorative contacts are an excellent addition to your eyes. They blend or contrast your natural eye color based on the look you want. Choose a lens depending on functionality. Some are entirely decorative, while others improve your vision. Once you get what you want, consider lighting, your skin tone, and your hair color.