How to Securely Access Your Security Camera Footage Remotely

How to Securely Access Your Security Camera Footage Remotely

Through the use of modern technology, it becomes a matter of a click to practically monitor your security camera footage from any part of the world. A good surveillance system should simplify your work, travel, and even remote tasks, and thus, accessing your surveillance video is quick and simple. It is excellent that you can now check what is happening at home. However, it is essential to safeguard your live-streaming feed. We will cover how you can securely get your videos online, mainly if you use the wireless camera system, which can be viewed remotely for free without any monthly fee. Investing in a wireless security camera system with remote viewing no monthly fee ensures convenient access to your footage without recurring expenses.

Select a Camera System with Secure Features

Among all factors that should be considered, prioritize security cameras with robust security features. Keen on finding cameras with encryption protocols and secure login systems to avoid the intrusions of unauthorized persons. The decision to use a wireless system means no physical connections are needed; therefore, it is easier than a wired setup.

Set Up Strong Passwords

One of the easy steps you can do to secure your camera feed is to create strong passwords. It would be best to use passwords generated by the system that contain only letters and numbers. Also, you should update your passwords occasionally and never share the same password for different accounts to decrease the chance of getting hacked.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) constitutes an additional level of security by requiring additional verification, which means, for instance, a code sent to your phone after inputting your password. Enabling 2FA as often as possible will provide more security to your account and prevent an attacker from accessing your camera.

Secure Your Network

It is imperative to encrypt your home network to retain your surveillance footage's security. Make sure that your network is secured with WPA2 or WPA3 encryption protocols. Constantly update the firmware of your router to fix all security flaws and explore network segmentation, which will be a good option for protecting your system from any other devices on the network.

Update Firmware Regularly

The manufacturers may develop firmware updates that they recommend to fix the security vulnerabilities and enhance the system's performance. Be proactive by periodically checking for new updates and installing them right away. The firmware of your camera system can be left behind with the updates and may become vulnerable to hackers.

Use Secure Remote Viewing Platform

When you get your camera's security footage remotely, use a secure platform that belongs to the camera manufacturer or a credible third-party service provider. Do not use a public or unsecured internet connection to gain access to your camera feed because it can be dangerous.


Remote access should be done securely to protect your privacy and security camera footage integrity. Through these steps and the use of a wireless security camera system with remote viewing and no monthly fee, you can rest easy knowing your property is under surveillance and safe, no matter where you are.