Keep Loved Ones Close with DNA Keepsake Jewelry

Keep Loved Ones Close with DNA Keepsake Jewelry

The pain of the loss of a loved one is something that sticks with you. Many people struggle to find ways to cope with their loss, searching for ways to keep memories alive.  Finding comfort in a loss is different for everyone, just as everyone feels grief in their own unique way. Surrounding themselves with friends and family, finding ways to stay busy, or wearing DNA keepsake jewelry, each of these things can bring a sense of peace to an aching heart.

Finding Comfort After a Loss

Some find comfort in their personal support system, leaning on those around them to help them manage the difficult days. Especially once the initial shock of loss has worn off, the desire to have someone nearby can be very strong for many as they’re learning to cope with their new normal. For me, having someone who could identify with my pain and knew when to let me grieve and when to help me find a distraction was one of the most helpful things when I was dealing with the loss of my mother.

Others look for ways to keep busy, doing meaningful things in memory of their lost family member or friend. Some might start charities or donate to organizations that were close to the heart of their loved one. They might teach their favorite hobbies or pastimes to their children or carry on family traditions in their memory. My son and I have a tradition of volunteering in my mother’s memory when the opportunity presents. We give our time to organizations that we know would be dear to her heart.

For many, it can be comforting to keep something that belonged to their loved one close at hand. Having a tangible object that you can touch when you are thinking of them or that reminds you that they’ll always be watching over you can bring a feeling of peace. This can come in many forms. Some wear a piece of clothing that they loved. Others purchase DNA Keepsake Jewelry so that a piece of them is always near.

DNA Keepsake Jewelry

Talismama Jewelry has designed their DNA Keepsake Jewelry to offer a way to memorialize a lost loved one and keep them close to your heart.

For the families of fallen soldiers whose loved one has made the ultimate sacrifice, Talismama Jewelry is offering a 20% discount on their DNA Keepsake GodDess Tags. This unique DNA keepsake jewelry is custom made and can feature any meaningful phrase, date, or name.

DNA / Keepsake GodDess Tags can be made with your favorite stone and a bit of DNA such as ashes or hair strand. They made one with a stone from Normandy beach (OMAHA). They could also make one to feature “Desert Storm” sand or a bit of fabric from a uniform. The jewelry is handmade in America, with love.

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