Professional Pressure Washing VS DIY Pressure Washing

Professional Pressure Washing VS DIY Pressure Washing

There are some pressure washing tasks that you can handle by yourself without having to contact a professional, while there are a few that only the experts can carry out competently. It is not wrong to adopt professional pressure washing, but you need to ensure the personnel are equipped enough to operate the pressure washers. On the other hand, DIY pressure washing, typically known as ‘do-it-yourself,’ requires more effort on your part. You will also need to conduct in-depth research on how to use the machine, such as knowing whether a hose 1/4 vs 3/8 is good enough for the task.

It is okay if you have no idea which you should choose between professional and DIY pressure washing. This write-up details the significant differences between both cleaning procedures to guide you in making the right choice.

4 Differences Between Professional Pressure Washing and DIY Pressure Washing


Safety should always be the foremost thought on your mind whenever choosing between DIY or professional pressure washing. As a novice, pressure washing could be a dangerous task that could lead you to hurt yourself or someone else unknowingly. However, pressure washers work like a breeze in the right qualified hands, causing little to no damage.


Experts in pressure washing have access to efficient cleaning agents that you who use the DIY method may have no idea about. Also, professional pressure washing involves the use of higher-grade washers that are more effective in cleaning tasks. This is because they emit high pressure compared to the more affordable machine you rent or buy that may produce not enough pressure to spray that much grime away.


DIY pressure washing typically requires more effort and sweat, but on the good side, you get to have total control over the operation and its results. Even so, going through the whole process regularly is not something you would like to do when you can easily hire an expert who can do all the hard work of pressure washing your space.


Renting a pressure washer for more minor DIY cleaning is not so expensive, and you can easily find such at a local improvement store. While you may think DIY pressure washing is cheaper, there are other cost-related factors you need to consider, including the cost of the washer, either rented or bought, the price of the soap/detergent, and how much water you have used. On the other hand, professional pressure washing may cost higher depending on the company’s rate and competence. Going for a cheaper professional service is understandable. Still, you also have to focus on the credibility and reviews of the company to prevent you from getting lower than your money’s worth.


Pressure washers could involve a ton of work, especially if you are not well-versed in that area, which is why professional pressure washing is ideal compared to its counterpart, DIY pressure washing. However, suppose you are more interested in the experience of handling a pressure washer, and you do not mind the stress and time consumption; in that case, you could control the cleaning operation yourself.