Step-by-Step Guide to Pressure Washing Your Motorcycle

Step-by-Step Guide to Pressure Washing Your Motorcycle

When you want to clean a motorcycle with a pressure washer, it seems easier than when you want to wash a vehicle. Of course, judging by the size, a motorcycle is smaller than a car, and as such, there are fewer parts to wash. But that assumption is not practical. Yes, a motorcycle is smaller than a car, but its parts are more exposed. When you are cleaning a car manually or with a pressure washer, you are doing that with locked windows. Therefore, while washing the outside, you do not need to bother about water entering the inside. When you are done washing outside with water, you can clean the car's interior with a damp cloth.

The motorcycle, on the other hand, has all its parts open - ranging from the seats to the tyres and other parts. Hence, you can not just pour water carelessly like when you are washing a car. If you are going to be using a pressure washer to wash the motorcycle, you need to be extra careful so you do not damage any parts of the bike. Some experts will advise against using a pressure washer to wash a motorcycle because it requires some skill. Using a pressure washer to clean your motorcycle is not an abomination, but you have to follow the proper process. This article is a step-by-step guide to help you wash your motorcycle with easy steps.

Use a good pressure washer

The first thing to ensure when you are about to wash your motorcycle with a pressure washer is to get a suitable pressure washer. Choosing the right pressure washer depends on two factors; the pounds per square in charge and the gallons per minute. The pounds per square inch or PSI is the measure of the force coming from the machine, while the gallons per minute measures how much water your pressure washer uses. For a pressure washer to wash your motorcycle, your maximum psi should be around 2000. The idea is for the pressure to be able to clean the stains and moderate enough not to spoil the pressure washer.

Get Suitable soap

Pressure washers use water majorly to wash surfaces. But when you are washing a motorcycle, you can not wash with only water. Most of the time, you will need to use soap to ensure your bike is clean. When choosing the soap, you need to use the appropriate soap. Sometimes, your motorcycle will have recommendations for the kind of soap to use. Also, your pressure washer may have a compartment for soap and also the type of soap needed.

Start slowly

After getting your pressure washer and the suitable soap, you can start pressure washing the motorcycle. Remember to start from the lowest pressure possible to test its effect on the motorcycle. Before you start, however, you should try to create enough space. This space is necessary to reduce the pressure getting to the car. For instance, if your pressure washer is releasing at 2500psi, with enough space, the pressure will have reduced before it reaches the motorcycle. But if the pressure washer hose is too close to the motorcycle, the pressure may spoil some parts of the bike.