What Causes My Pressure Washer To Shut Down When I Pull The Trigger

What Causes My Pressure Washer To Shut Down When I Pull The Trigger

Pressure washers are incredibly handy around the house, garden, garage, and car. When it comes to pressure washing, the last thing you want is to deal with a pressure washer that doesn't work. For example, what if you’re pressure washer shuts down when you pull the trigger.

This can greatly impact your cleaning and it can also be stressful for your entire team. You will have to spend more time on cleaning and this can result in an increase of time, labour and money spent on cleaning services and website.

If your pressure washer shuts down when you pull the trigger, here are a few reasons why?

Why Does Your Pressure Washer Shut Down When You Pull The Trigger?

There are many different causes for pressure washers to shut down when the trigger is pulled. This causes could include:

Safety Measure

The most common reason a pressure washer shuts down when the trigger is pulled is that it is a safety feature. Some people refer to the device as a "flow switch," but it is actually a pressure switch that senses when the trigger gun is depressed.

When you squeeze the trigger, a small pin inside the handle pushes on a metal diaphragm, which then pushes on a set of contacts. When the contacts touch, they complete an electrical circuit and send power to the motor.


If your pressure washer shuts down when you pull the trigger, the first thing you want to do is check and make sure that it’s getting enough fuel. If there’s not enough gas in the tank, the pump will stop.

Here’s what you need to do:

Check Your Fuel Level

Fill Your Tank

Check Your Oil Level

If you are using a gas engine on your pressure washer and it won’t start, the cause could be old or contaminated gasoline. Gasoline can go bad after 30 days, so if it’s been sitting for more than a month, it’s probably time to empty the tank and buy new gas.

Water Supply

Another common problem is that the water supply might be too low. This means that the water supply does not have sufficient pressure or volume to function correctly. In this case, you should work on increasing your water supply.

Issue Is With Your Unloader Valve

A faulty unloader valve will not allow water to flow when the trigger is pulled. This can either be stuck open or stuck closed. If it's stuck open, you could have water leaking out of it and into your pump, causing the pump to overheat and shut down. If it's stuck closed, your pressure washer doesn't have anywhere for the water to go, so it shuts down automatically. Unloader valves are fairly simple parts to replace, but you need to make sure that you get an exact replacement for your model of pressure washer.

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