What You Should Know About Lash Beds

What You Should Know About Lash Beds

A well equipped lash studio is one of the most important features clients look at when researching lash studios. Having the essential equipment or tools is key to the growth of one’s lash extension business.

A lash bed is a key ingredient in the application process of lash extensions. The client’s comfort is of great importance as the lash technician needs the client well positioned in a manner that their eyes can be easily accessible.

What to Look Out for When Choosing the Right Lash Bed

A clean and comfortable lash bed is the best type of bed for lash extensions. Maintaining the right posture when applying or receiving lash extensions is important.

A lot of factors should be remembered in the process of selecting the best type of lash beds. These are:

Overall Size

A good lash bed should be able to cater for clients of different stature. Choose a bed whose width varies between 65-70cm while striking a balance between the height of the client and technician. Adjustable lash beds are also available which caters for the needed height of all sizes of clients.

Materials Used in Its Production

Having the right materials for your lash bed aids in the comfort of the client. The materials used should be long lasting and easy to clean. It should be cleaned and regularly disinfected to remove germs. Wear and tear of the lash bed is inevitable and replacement parts should be cheap and easy to get.

Free Space at the Base of the Lash Bed

There should be enough space beneath the lash bed for the technician to be able to sit freely and stretch their legs while working. A four-legged lash bed is often preferable as it gives more than enough room for the technician.


It takes an equivalent of 1-2 hours to apply extensions on a client’s eye lash. Having a comfortable lash bed will reduce the stress and strain from this process. It should provide comfort to both the client and the artist.

There are some extra ways to add comfort to your lash bed:

Lash Bed Cover

Lash Beds are expensive and extra care should be taken to make them last a long time. Lash bed covers help in holding the extra pads in position thus, preventing slippage which can cause client discomfort. Plastic vinyl covers should be used because they are comfortable and easy to clean.

Lash Bed Pillows

The pillows used should be soft, comfortable and easily washable. Pillow liners can also be used which helps to place the client’s head at the appropriate angle to enable the technician to work easily. These pillows are of different shapes and sizes.

Heating Pads

This heating pad aids in reducing muscle, back and neck aches. It helps in relaxing the client’s during the lash extension process. It provides continuous heat flow to the client and can be adjusted to different levels.


Having a good and comfortable lash bed is essential to a lash studio as it makes your lash studio stand out and keep clients coming back. As such, you need to know what to look out for when buying a lash bed. To help out, the article examines some important factors to consider.