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The Civics and Media Project is an initiative of Victoria University of Wellington, the University of Auckland, New Zealand On Air, the Royal Society of New Zealand, the McGuinness Institute and the Ministry for Culture and Heritage.

The purpose of the project is to inform and encourage public discourse and engagement regarding civics and media, with the ultimate aim of informing decisions by individuals, industry and institutions across society. Six agencies have joined together to examine whether citizens and communities have the news and information they need and want in a digital age and determine what a well-informed, civically engaged New Zealand will look like in 2030. The project undertook three workshops in the latter part of 2015; see their respective pages below.


  • Three article on The Civics and Media Project in the May 2016 issue of Policy Quarterly.
  • Proceedings of The Civics and Media Project: A report on the three workshops held in 2015 is now available to download on the McGuinness Institute publications page. The booklet is intended to contribute to the national conversation about civics and media by documenting our thinking about the nature of the issue, our vision for the future and some pragmatic ideas to get there. You can also view the booklet below.
  • Video series of speaker presentations from Workshop 3 on The Civics and Media Project YouTube playlist


Workshop 1

Collecting data

What is happening with civics and news media in New Zealand?

2 September 2015

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Developing themes

What will a well-informed, civically engaged New Zealand look like in 2030?

27 October 2015

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Workshop 3

Building knowledge

How do we ensure a well-informed, civically engaged New Zealand in 2030?

19 November 2015

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